Easy & cozy cowl

I wanted to crochet a cowl and wanted it to be:

– Warm & cozy

– Quick & easy to crochet

– A pattern and color combo that would make it easy to wear with different clothes

So I came up with this design.

I mixed two colors I had, a warm dark red and a grey. I just took both threads together and doubled the recommended hook size. That way the cowl is crocheted very quickly. Also, the seam isn’t too visible and it is very easy to hide the tails.

Alternating between working in front and back loops only makes the cowl nicely soft and smooth. This cowl will be worn looped twice around the head.


ch = chain

bl = back loop

fl = front loop

dc = double crochet (UK term, for US pattern do single crochets instead)

rem = remaining

Chains at the beginning at a row are turning chains and don’t count as dc.

Material: 10mm hook, Patons Fab DK shade 02322 (dark red), The women’s institute DK shade colour grey, yarn needle


1st row: Leave tail of about 20/25cm, 16 ch

2nd row: 1 bldc into 2nd ch, 1bl dc into each of rem 14 st, turn (15 st)

3rd row: 1ch, 1 fldc into each of 15 st, turn (15 st)

4th row: 1ch, 1 bldc into each of 15 st, turn (15 st)

Repeat row 3 and 4 until length is sufficient. I wanted my cowl to sit fairly closely around my neck and used 90 rows in total.

When the sufficient length is reached, cut and fasten the end, leaving about 20/25 cm tail. Align both ends and stitch them together with a yarn needle using both tails.

Let me know in the comments if you have any question 🙂

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