Refurbishing of old chest of drawers

We recently got three sets of second hand wooden chest of drawers as we needed more storage space in some of our rooms. When we got home and saw them in proper light, we realized they were less friendly looking and in less good condition than we had thought – the wood was quite scratched, the brown was too dark for our taste and some areas had water marks – so we decided to try and refurbish them.

The original chest of drawer with an old, dark varnish

I started with one of them, screw off the knobs and feet and sanded all visible areas down. I used mostly a sanding block and just wrapped a piece of 60 grit sanding paper around, but in some areas I took small pieces folded them up for getting into corners.

For the big plain areas I used a power sander, to be faster. It took me two half days and I was done.

I rubbed all sanded areas lightly with a cloth with a bit of white spirit to clean the surfaces and I then painted the unit with a light varnish, the lightest colored one we could find in Spanish tool stores, called ‘Roble’. The feet and knobs I painted in a light blue color that we had already used in the house for wooden door frames. Then I screwed the feet and knobs back on and voilá, the chest of drawers had a fresh new look 🙂

This is how it looks now. I love the look of the wood!

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