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Quick and easy no-sewing fix for ripped jeans

One of my favorite pairs of jeans are ripped ones, but one of the holes recently started tearing a bit too much. Also, I noticed that I don’t like how my black leggings show through and that I would prefer a more sophisticated look. So I decided to underlay the holes, which would fix the tearing and improve the look. It was super easy and took only a few minutes.

What you need is an iron, some hemming web and a small piece of cloth that you want to use to underlay the hole with. The piece should be big enough to cover the hole and overlap at least 1cm on each side. That means if the hole is 2cm long and 3cm wide, you need a piece of cloth that is at least 4cm long and 5cm wide. I chose a lightly striped, greyish-blue cotton material.

You will also need an additional piece of cloth that you need to dampen with some water. Keep some water close by so that you can dampen it again if it gets dry.

Turn the jeans inside out. Cut the hemming web in strips that you place around the outside of the hole. Be careful not to place any hemming web inside the hole:

2Jeans with hemming web
Place hemming web around hole

Then place your piece of underlay-cloth over the hemming web without moving it and so that all of the web is covered. My cloth looked the same on both sides, so I didn’t need to be careful, which side I place face down:

3Jeans with cloth
Place underlay cloth over it

Now place the damp cloth over the underlay-cloth:

4Jeans with damp iron cloth
Place damp cloth on top and iron

Iron all of it slowly with firm pressure. If the damp cloth gets dry, sprinkle some water over it and continue. I ironed each hole for about a minute. Then remove the damp cloth and let the fixed area cool down for 5-10 minutes. Now you can carefully cut off the excess material that hasn’t been glued on by the hemming web:

5Jeans cutting off excess
Wait 5-10 mins and cut off excess

That’s it! Repeat for each hole you have and you have jeans in a new look that don’t rip any further 🙂

6Jeans after


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