My mom taught me the basics of crocheting and knitting when I was a teenager. I remember that I was more ok with knitting back then and that I learned a few different stitches. I ended up knitting a scarf, because as a teenager, the only knitted thing I considered wearable was a scarf. And it got longer and longer, because I didn’t know how to finish the work and I was anyways much more interested in trying out how the different stitches work and look then I was in ever wearing it. I didn’t try much crocheting, because I couldn’t figure out where to insert the hook. It felt too free and uncontrolled compared to knitting.

When I started making jewelry I came across crocheting again. One can make beautiful jewelry for example with crocheting a few strands of foundation chains that have beads worked into and then braiding them together into a necklace or bracelet. As I was able to work chains, I experimented a bit with it. My crocheting ability wasn’t sufficient for more sophisticated works, but I thought to myself that one day I should learn how to crochet!

In 2017, by coincidence, I came across two binders with a crocheting course and lots of yarn and hooks. I took it as a sign, that one day had arrived, read the course and found that crocheting is fun!

Some of my crochet works:

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