I always wanted to write. I always actually did – my personal journal. So I never wrote for others to read it! Now, this is my first website and maybe you are even my first reader, so please bear with me!!

I am a gemini, a fairly typical one some say, and one of my character traits is being interested in loads of different things. I also easily get distracted, but that’s not what I want to talk about now… 😉 This blog is about some of the things I am interested in. At the moment, lots of that is crafting related.

For the first twenty something years of my life, I haven’t spent much time on crafting. Although I always took an interest in it, I didn’t think I was very creative and thought I lacked talent for most crafts. So that was that and I stayed away from it.

Then in my mid-twenties while on a trip to Turkey, I saw a woman crafting a necklace on a road side in Istanbul. I watched her a bit, then started talking to her with my few words of Turkish. Soon she showed me how she did it by doing a new one that I also bought – cause it was great and I felt guilty for keeping her chatting for so long.

I thought, it didn’t look that difficult and when I was back home I went to a craft-shop and got lost in there for hours… I bought a few books about beading and bought lots of different beads and tools – as if I wanted to start a new profession. Over the next years, I explored several techniques and worked with beads of all sizes and materials – at some point I even started making own paper beads, which is really fun!

After starting with beading, I revised my opinion about creativity and talent – if with a bit of guidance and practicing I could do that, well, then I could also do other creative stuff, right?! So, I am not shy anymore to try new crafts which is why this site is quite diverse.

In March 2017 I met James in Spain and he brought me to his Casa James, which at the time was still a work in progress and in some parts still is. James is very good at all sorts of DIY and together we started several creative projects around the house. My favorites are mosaics made of smashed up tiles!

Some of my/our crafty projects:Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 23.56.43

I hope you’ll find something here, that interests you and maybe you’ll discover some new ways to live creatively 🙂

Read on and be inspired!



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