I (Steph) always wanted to write. I always actually did - my personal journal. So I never wrote for others to read it! Now, this is my first website and maybe you are even my first reader, so please bear with me!! I am a gemini, a fairly typical one some say, and one of my character traits is being interested in loads of different things. I also easily get distracted, but that's not what I want to talk about now. This blog is about some of the things I am interested in. At the moment, lots of that is crafting related… Continue reading Olives á la Pepe!


Refurbishing of old chest of drawers

We recently got three sets of second hand wooden chest of drawers as we needed more storage space in some of our rooms. When we got home and saw them in proper light, we realized they were less friendly looking and in less good condition than we had thought - the wood was quite scratched,… Continue reading Refurbishing of old chest of drawers

Misfits, Watercolor

DIY storage box for watercolor brushes – easy and quick

I recently started painting with watercolors and bought myself a set with three Van Gogh brushes. As watercolor brushes aren't too cheap, I researched how to clean, dry and store them properly so that they will last long. Storing options - what is really recommended? I noticed that some people recommend storing them with the… Continue reading DIY storage box for watercolor brushes – easy and quick

Misfits, Sewing

Quick and easy no-sewing fix for ripped jeans

One of my favorite pairs of jeans are ripped ones, but one of the holes recently started tearing a bit too much. Also, I noticed that I don't like how my black leggings show through and that I would prefer a more sophisticated look. So I decided to underlay the holes, which would fix the… Continue reading Quick and easy no-sewing fix for ripped jeans

Beading - Jewelry

Jewelry Making – Beading

For a long time, I didn’t think I had much of a creative side and I didn’t do much crafty stuff. Then, during a vacation in Turkey around 2003, I saw a woman at the side of the road making quite simple but beautiful necklaces with some string and some beads. I thought ‘that doesn’t… Continue reading Jewelry Making – Beading